Enjoy every morning with

The Olfactory Alarm Clock

2 minutes

A perfumed, enlighted and melodious wake-up

Open your eyes and breathe good mood every morning.

Backup melody after 3 minutes of emission.

2 minutes

Customize and perfume your mornings

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Wake up gently

The olfactory alarm-clock gradually awakens you from your slumber using a stimulating pleasant scent, a breathing light and a melody.
Progressively, within 2 minutes, your senses will get you out of dreamland.

Wake up in a good mood, let the magical power of scent awaken you!

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Our scents

With a breeze of seaside or a hot chocolate aroma… Start your mornings with a stimulating and pleasant scent.

Choose the scents that’ll motivate you among our 7 scents range:



A soft scent that brings you to beach paradise and holidays memores.



Your breakfast in bed. A scent with a hint of butter that reminds French holidays.



Notes of vanilla, the smell of bread out of the toaster.



A powerful aroma of strong coffee. Your caffeine dose waiting for you…



Délicious and gourmet. Wake you up in the heart of Willy Wonka choclate factory.



Invigorating. A powerful, aromatic and stimulating vegetal scent to start the day.



Bond with nature. A powerful vegetal scent with green and fresh notes.

A capsule without secrets

A capsule lasts for 30 awakenings. 100% recyclable.

The perfume molecules detach and are transported by the air flow from the capsule (dry-air diffusion); a process without heating, keeping the molecules unchanged.

All our scents and capsules are produced in France.

They comply with the highest air quality standards
(REACH certified, CARB certified and IFRA certified).

The magic influence of scents on our brain

We strongly link memory and emotions to smell due to these areas being located closely in our brain!
Our pleasant scents are all carefully selected in order to awaken the most pleasant emotions as well as sweet memories that connect you to these scents.
Pure magic! This is how your brain answers to scent and wakes you up motivated and in a good mood!

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